eSHEEP script as seen on my [index] page was created by Aklo Petrucci, full source code with instructions in his github repository here and also with examples and more sheep here:
Check out his cool homepage located here

This Floating images script from Dynamic Drive as used on my pages Moon and Rainbow Room

Here is the awesome Elevator script with sound effects by Tim Holman as seen on the bottom of my Infrastructure Operations page

Someone asked how I make those tiny textbox popups when hovering over an image (example on my Sharks page) This is not a script, just add the global attribute title inside the tag like this: <img src="image.gif" title="This text will popup on cursor hover">

Here's the Dragable elements Script script as seen on my drag and drop Fridge Magnets page

Mike Hall's scripts can be studied on his website and my examples are here Blackjack and here Ouija

Lite Brite javasctipt created by John Samp, script on his codepen page here my example of it here LiteBrite

Full source code for the magic-8-ball script in Seth Clydesdale's github repository, my implementation of it is here

Ascii generator script by Evan Kaufman can be had here JavaScriptKit with my example page here ASCII GEN

Three great script sites with examples, instructions and javascript

It's always a good idea to double check your code before uploafing it to Neocities, I use the free Markup Validation Service at

I often use the html colorpicker to find html codes in rgb, hex or hsl; works in reverse also (paste your rgb, hex or hsl to see what color it is) provides a very helpful reference, search by keyword or just view all available elements for html, css, javascript and more.

99.9999% of the animated gifs used on my site are from and the Internet Archive, a handful are from Occasionally, when I need a particular element that I cant find on those, I will search on

My background images are usually found at or, failing that I will use or search google for free wallpaper.

The Library of Congress is a phenomenal resource with audio recordngs, images, videos, books, maps, newspapers, software and more.

I've found much of my older music at and some of the modern stuff at and Jamendo and Sound Helix. All the SATB (Siouxsie And The Banshees) is from untiedundone backed up on it includes over 800 recordings from live shows from the 80's, 90's and early 00's. The remainder of audio is from my personal collection of vinyl and CD.

Here's a cool online tool for converting a picture or photo to a favicon: and here's a place you can create a favicon from scratch, and finally has thousands of static and animated favicons ready to use.

For making logos and signs I've used for years, some other good ones I've used to make logos for my site are and

All my ascii art logos are made with either and or They are both good with different options to choose from.

This site will convert text to the rainbow spectrum has an awesome text colorizer using the starting and ending colors you choose. I used this one to make the gradient colors for the link to PONG in my old stuff section on my [index] page.

I still hand type all my html code and I've used NoteTab since 1996. There's a freeware version [NoteTab Light] and two different paid versions [NoteTab Pro] and [NoteTab Standard].

I've always used MP3TAG to update the metadata for audio files.

Audacity is my preferred audio editor and recorder, it's also free and open source.

GiMP is my favorite free, open source image editor

In the old days of making gif collages I did it the hard tedious way of creating complex tables to section off the background, then using a combination of specfying the cell sizes and inserting and resizing blocks of homemade transparent images, just to get the animated gifs to sit and STAY in a specific place on the background. It was probaly the wrong way to do it, it was certainly a tedious and frustrating way to do it, but I simply didnt know of any other way to do insert images that stayed exactly where I needed them to be. I recently stumbled on this awesome software called WYSIWIG Web Builder and my process changed, literally went from taking 2+ days to comlplete a gif collage to about half a day from start to finish. Now I can slide images onto the background and the program generates the css that specifies the absolute point in screen pixels where the image goes. Now I simply extract the css portion that the software generates, and paste it onto my own image table.

I've used eXTReMe tracking for my website counters and stats since they started in 1998. They keep getting better and adding more features. There's a freeware version and a pro/paid version, I use the ProTracker. See stats about your visitors such as os/browsers, time spent on your pages, and so much more. Invaluable information to gain insight about your website traffic that you can use to improve your future output.

I will add more as I think of them!